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  1. Antwort von shadowrider:

    Menu-> Extensions: Is there an error message?
    Telnet installation -> What messages are there?

    have the image a debug-function? please activate and send me the log-file

    i have flashed and tested it myself -> webradioFS 15.52 on blackhole 3.0.3 can be easily installed and works completely
    (directly on a new flashed Image)

  2. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for this app.
    Version 46 is the last one that works on my VU+ Solo Enigma2 Blackhole image V3.0.3
    All other update do not work. The installation completes normally without error, but the app does not appear in the plugin list (Blackhole green button) after the update. Version 48 didn’t work I waited for today’s last version (V52) with hopes it will work still not.
    I have tried to install V52 after removing the previous version, but with still the same results.
    Version 46 is the last working on my box.

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