Update camoFS

New version is online

ua. new for Multiple files / multiple files

Allows monitoring and alarm display of multiple cameras
Requirement: in case of alarm are from the camera / a script files as “al_camx” (x replace with the camera- / section number) or as “al_front_door” (replace x with the camera name) Stored in the alarm directory.

The files can be empty or have any content, so the ending does not matter

The directory is freely selectable, but all must be stored in the same directory The * / al_cam (x) file is deleted or renamed, depending on the setting For example: /media/hdd/al_cam0 and /media/hdd/al_front_door
-> trigger alarm action for camera 0 and camera “front_door”

It is possible to rename the files bach alarm in “date_time.jpg” to keep them.

The debug issues help if it does not work as hoped! (Activate in the settings)

Friday March 3rd, 2017 von shadowrider
10:08 AM von shadowrider