Calendar / Scheduling with timer and address management
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Create and manage appointments and timers
-terminal or repeated by rules (always on date, every 2nd month, every 20 days, etc.)
-Timer (reminders at time) to create / manage (optionally with alarm sound), also adjustable as radio alarm clock from standby

Appointments of a calendar can be displayed / edited separately, e.g. for service plan (change with bouquet key)
with installed mspFS (shift plan) the layers are displayed in the calendar

Data from additional calendars are displayed (not editable, but dates can be imported)
external (online, for example Google): enter into /etc/ConfFS/PlanerFS_online.txt or ical files in the folder ‘etc / ConfFS’

moving christl. Holidays can be calculated and displayed by the planner (alternatively greg. Or jul.)

Main screen optionally split or large, screen skinbar, colors and font size directly selectable in the program, categories with different colors

Display current dates at reciver start and / or time, display on displays

iCal files from the planners can be edited externally with ical software

View and manage your address cards

Import of vcf files (so-called business card data)

Backup / restore the ical files and settings

Saturday August 17th, 2019 von shadowrider