Enigma-II-Plugin filesearchFS  

looking at large file repositories for files and / or folders (hard drives, NAS, network, etc.) Files can be started directly (See photos, play music, etc.) the plugin looks for all files and / odern that contain the text entered in the search text and match the specified filters Example: hagen search for * “(Filter: mp3 / files) finds files with Westlife, Nina_Hagen etc. I use it for example to search for the title of an artist or artist name if I only know the title, or to quickly find the folder with an artist … pre-definable folders and file types to limit your search and speed

filter fs1 settings menu1_0 suchtext suche_fertig


in directory ‘/ etc/ConfFS / ‘ is the file: filesearchFS.cfg this can be adjusted in the menu or by Editor displays the following pattern: # Configuration file for filesearchFS # option name in square brackets #Startdir = directory is searched recursively in the #end = extension, file types to be searched, ‘end =’ means all types Examples:

[Audio] startdir=/media/Musik/ end=mp3,ogg,m3u [alles] startdir=/media/ end=

Friday March 15th, 2019 von shadowrider